Located in central Missouri only 3 miles from I-70 is Blackwater, Missouri. The town was platted in 1887 when the Missouri Pacific Railroad surveyed the area for their “River Route” to connect Boonville to Kansas City but had been a trading post for many years before. A post office has operated in Blackwater since 1873. Many parts of Blackwater’s commercial and residential districts are listed in the National Register of Historic Places including nearly the entire 100 block of Main Street.

The towns name comes from the river that sits just North of town. The river banks are made of dark black dirt coloring the river very dark, hence the name Blackwater.

The early days brought many businesses to the village including drugstores, banks, millinery shops, cafes, a newspaper, a lumberyard, a hardware store, a creamery, stables, blacksmiths, markets, and it wouldn’t have been complete without the town saloon.

In the 1930s the village population boomed to over 600! Shortly after a decline began. With cars more accessible people started traveling to nearby cities with better prices on goods. Local stores began to close since they couldn’t compete with prices of larger stores with more sales volume. By the early 1990s, the majority of the towns businesses had closed.

From the early 1990s to the 2000s a project to revitalize the town was undertaken. Many of the buildings in the business district were dilapidated and falling in, with help from government grants the buildings were restored and the picturesque 1800’s Main Street was brought back to life!

Now there are many fun things to do in Blackwater! Take a stroll down Main Street and visit some of the local stores, check out the telephone museum, visit City Hall, view the original 1900s jail, check out the train Depot on Railroad Avenue, or relax in one of the cities gardens! Lodging in Blackwater is provided by the 10 room hotel at The Iron Horse Hotel & Restaurant. Kimberly’s Restaurant located on Main Street is a great place to find home style meals and a great atmosphere!

Nearby is Arrow Rock State Park and The Katy Trail! Many walking trails and historic markers are located just minutes away from Downtown Blackwater!

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